Kids Klub Leeds // Leeds Digital Festival


On Wednesday 18 April we are teaming up with our friends at Hippo Digital as part of the Leeds Digital Festival to help local charity Kids Klub Leeds.

The Charity

Kids Klub provides fun and safe activities that help children discover positive aspirations for themselves and their communities.  Their work creates strong relationships in the community that nurture children’s self-belief, social skills and sense of boundaries.

The Project

A team of volunteers are coming together for the day to solve a digital challenge for Kids Klub Leeds.

We will take an initial problem statement and carry out research to get to the bottom of it. Then we will design and build a solution to the problem. At least, that is the plan.

The key skills we are going to be calling on include:

Creative Facilitation

Facilitators are critical to the success of events like this. They will be making sure the team are motivated, happy and on track to deliver the outcomes we need on the day.

User Research

User Researchers focus on understanding user behaviors, needs, and motivations through observation techniques, task analysis, and other feedback methodologies.

Interaction Design

Interaction Designer make sure interactions with services are accessible, clear and pleasant to use.

Service Design

Service Designers take the work done by user researchers and interaction designers and design the end to end journey. The end to end journey includes both the things that a user sees and also the essential parts of the service that users can’t see.

Stay Tuned

We will be sharing our experiences of the project in the very near future.

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