Yellow Team is an organisation that connects charities and non-profits with awesome, creative volunteers from the digital community.

Our purpose is to solve two problems:

1. Charities do not have the kind of money it takes to bring digital teams in to solve their problems – they have more important things to spend their money on.

2. It is too hard for people in the digital community to volunteer their professional services to charities. This is often because charities are not fully aware of the skills on offer and the value they can add to their organisation.

You can read more about the moment that sparked Yellow Team here.

How it works

We have a great network of brilliant volunteers who want to offer their professional services to charities for free. We also have a great network of wonderful charities.

The process goes a bit like this:

– First, we work with charities to find out more about them and discuss the things they want help with. This helps us figure out the kind of skills we need and the likely duration of the work.

– Then we get to work assembling a team with the right skills from our network of volunteers.

– We agree a start date and sort out the practicalities, such as the work space.

– In the lead up to the start date, we give the team the information they need to hit the ground running.

– We turn up on the agreed day(s) and do the work, usually in close partnership with team members from the charity. Expect lots of fun, photos and food!

– A few weeks after the work is done we go back to charities to learn from the experience and make improvements to our service, and to make sure the work we did met their needs.

If you would like to join our team of volunteers, get in touch. If you are a charity or non-profit who would like our help, please e-mail