If you are a charity or a non-profit we can help you find the skills you need to thrive.

Our team of volunteers are on hand to work on short term projects. They use their professional expertise to increase your effectiveness, find innovative ways of doing things and generally help you solve any problems you are wrestling with.

Problem solving

Need to get more donations? Run better awareness campaigns? Cut costs? We will use design-led techniques to help you remove the blockers that are holding you back.


Using our diverse set of research and design skills we will design and build modern products and services that your organisation can be proud of. This includes redesigning the main touchpoints you have with your users (websites, leaflets, stationery etc).


Our researchers will help you get a better understanding of your users so that you can better meet their needs.

Business Planning and Strategy

Need to create a vision for your organisation and plan how you are going to make it a reality? Our strategists can help you with that.


If you want to run an event with a difference we are here to help, with direct access to communications professionals and trained facilitators.


We have years of experience in a wide variety of settings and diverse professional skills. We can help your staff build their digital skills, design skills and communication skills.


Our Skills

Delivery Manager

Creative Facilitation

Our facilitators are at their happiest when they are running creative, innovative workshops with diverse groups of people to solve tricky problems.

User Researcher

User Research

Our User Researchers will help you learn about the people who use your services and help you design and build those services to work well for everyone.


Interaction Design

Our Interaction Designers design and build services that are clear, fast and simple to use. They work in perfect harmony with User Researchers to create things people need.


Service Design

Our Service Designers will sniff out the problems in your services and repair them, making them cheaper to run and better for the people that use them.


Content Design

Our Content Designers make sure that your written communications (website, marketing, business case) are written in plain English and accessible to your users.


Plus many more!

Our team includes others too: Communications experts, Strategists, Developers, Product Managers and Project Managers to name just a few.



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